Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Throwing around some ideas for a Fat amusement park

If I was going to make a fat amusement park, as per my internal brainstorm this morning in the shower, it would include all of the following amazing features:

-A really elaborate water park with bigger tubes that you can actually drape yourself into instead of just lying on it with one bum cheek kind of in the hole

-Vast bouncy castles

-Rubberized walkways, so walking all over the place is friendlier to the feet and knees, as well as really snazzy scooter things for folks with limited mobility

-Dressup photo studios where the costumes actually fit and you have the option of posing in front of a green screen

-Obviously seatbelts/safety latch things on rides that fit larger bodies and don't make it impossible to breathe/scream with glee on rides

-None of that "I'll guess your weight and you can win a prize" crap. Also, no petting zoos or aquariums, because I run the park and I think those are not cool.

-Tickets won in games can be redeemed at the park's fabulous boutique: clothes, fat positive books, music, snacks, etc.

-Fantastic restaurants AS WELL AS traditional amusement park fare AS WELL AS areas to picnic (although angry geese congregating is innevitable)

-Fat walk of fame

-Mist areas for cooling off when it's a scorcher out

-Amorphous benches (?)

-Sensational dance parties

-Theme days

I'm slowing down here with ideas, mostly because I am getting really tired. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of roller coasters, nor do I have money to build an amusement park, but what I do have is a wild imagination and a blog!

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