Sunday, March 14, 2010


Happy Pi day, folks!

Today being the 14th day of the 3rd month, I made sure pay as many kinds of punny homage to Pi as possible. This involved sharing a whole pizza pie with my co-worker, eating delightful home-made apple pie at my best buddy's parents house, and of course then feeling rather round and circularly full, which could involve pi if you wanted to go about figuring out my radius, bellybutton to hip. I offered mathimatical gifts of thanks in the form of 2 crocheted hyperbolic planes I cranked out, a canary yellow one and a pepto pink one, to Mister Math&Pie himself.

I also made sure to call a pretty math teacher I've gone on several dates with to wish her many happy returns of the Pi Day. She told me she had crocheted me a tiny, sparkly hyperbolic plane! I feel like that might be a sign that she likes me, but my signal-reading abilities have atrophied slightly in the dating department, so I'm not really sure. You know that tragic sound that happens when you take a funky jumpsuit out of storage that was your mom's in the mid 80's and she's all: 'Oh, that? I haven't seen that in ages. Gosh my waist was tiny. You like it? I don't think it would fit y-" and then you pounce on the elastic part like HA! it's gonna stretch and I am going to be so styletastic.... and then you stretch the elastic part and the elastic has rotted and that's when the sound happens (sometimes accompanied by the old rubber disintegrating smell)? That is the sound my dating prowess would make right now. And I don't care how Debbie Downer that may have come out, I think it's a pretty elaborately fabulous analogy with a light at the end of the tunnel: Now that the tiny mom-waist has had its last moments in the sun, a new and roomier jumpsuit of possiblilities has opened. (I really fed that poor, innocent analogy to the wolves there.)

In other, several-years-belated news: The first episode of Alias, starring Jennifer Garner, was really intense! I just watched it on DVD (Trend Watch: everybody I know is watching TV on DVD now! This rocks for me because our TV can't communicate with the outside world at all, but plays DVDs and VHS successfully most of the time!). I used to watch Alias all the time with my mother, and through the genius that is not entirely unlike the Circle Of Life, my best chum's boyfriend's mom gave her the first season to watch and now I am reliving every wig-clad butt-kicking moment anew (*Elton John sings softly in the background, a cartoon baby lion cub is held aloft in a ray of sun for all the kingdom to behold*)

I have a day off tomorrow, and I am going to go buy some new shoes, as all of mine have rapidly growing holes in them. I am also going to do laundry and make a lasagna to take to work for lunches next week and potentially look for a dress pattern for my honorary teenage daughter's prom dress....holy crap, I'm a grown-up. I didn't see it coming.

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