Monday, March 15, 2010

Just a Hint

As someone who dislikes the concept of conformity, I believe that there are exceptions to most societal "rules" in life. That said, there is one excellent guideline that I think people need to hear loud and clear, one that will save everyone a lot of needless annoyance and or embarassment, and perhaps even avoid dismemberment in certain very frought instances:

Don't ask strangers if they are pregnant.
Just don't do it, okay? Here are some further details on the topic of asking strangers if they are pregnant, in case the reasons not to do so are not immediately clear to you.

-->If someone is pregnant and they want you to know, or feel that you need to know, they will probably tell you.
-->If someone is pregnant and they don't feel that you need to know, they have no obligation to tell you.
-->If someone is not pregnant, but you think they are, they will very likely not appreciate you asking them if they are pregnant, even if you are congratulating them.
-->The ebb and flow of one's reproductive organs is rarely a good stranger conversation starter. You wouldn't ask someone in the elevator their scrotal temperature or the viscosity of their private mucous, so don't inquire about any buns in the oven.
-->Empire waistlines tend to make a lot of people look pregnant. Do not use fashion as an indicator. Also do not use a healthy glow (excersizing, a really excellent roll in the hay, getting an awesome mark on a mid term and/or wearing blush or bronzer will do that too), unique food cravings (pickles and peanut butter are fantastic, don't knock it till you've tried it) or Fat Pride as excuses to intrude onto someone's privacy.
-->If you are asking me if I am pregnant because you tried to hit on me and did not succeed, and after you acertained that I am not married, vehemently do not have a boyfriend and need supportive shoes assumed that I am playing hard to get because I am pregnant (?), you are not catching my effing chubby lesbo drift, and no, I'm not pregnant. Effer.

A wonderful woman named Bridget, who I used to work with when I painted murals, says "Nope, I'm not pregnant. I'm just fat: I LIKE PIE." And to that I say "here, here!"
Holler if you love and respect people's bodies of all curvacious forms, pregnant or not, and think that round is beautiful.

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